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Use of Advanced Technologies

The IMT has merged the three most powerful trends. This merger creates an opportunity for you to secure your financial future. We provide the system and the mentoring for a successful venture within the 4Life opportunity.

IMT Back Office

Our back office is the command center for your business. We provide you with powerful tools that will launch your business into the network marketing revolution. You will have everything you need to establish, maintain and grow your business.

The Opportunity

We have your red carpet ready! The IMT is prepared to give you VIP access to the greatest opportunity in network marketing. The 4Life opportunity combined with mentoring from the IMT is your answer to wealth beyond your imagination.

There's a revolution taking place.

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International Mentors Team

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a social means of movimg products and services through people to customers. It bypasses all the traditional ways of doing business and puts all those profits
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International Mentors Team

Health and Wellness

Today, as fully explained in The New Wellness Revolution, that industry has grown to $500 billion, and it's just getting started, offering even greater entrepreneurial opportunities."
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International Mentors Team

Social Media

In case you haven't noticed Social Markets changing EVERYTHING about the way our world interacts. In fact, economists have begun calling this the "Social Media Revolution".
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Today, a 21st Century professional network marketer understands what it takes to be successful! He or she knows that having a great product is Not Enough to create long lasting residual income. Neither is a lucrative compensation plan going to guarantee long term financial success! Why? Because without a System people will leave you and find someone who has one! People want clarity; they want a blueprint (like franchising) on how to do the business. Most important the System must be in sink with the life style of modern society. It cannot be the old traditional way's that we did MLM or Network Marketing 10-20 years ago! As technology changes society that impacts and changes how we do Network Marketing Today! So the question any serious professional networker would ask Today is: "how do you do Network Marketing Today?" because it is always evolving as society is always evolving.